Lowcountry Preparatory School, located in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, offers a coeducational program for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade.  

“As a new family last year, we found the school to be very welcoming. On Peyton’s first day of volleyball practice, she was nervous and asked me to stay. Three upperclassmen recognized that she was new and approached her. They introduced themselves and welcomed her with open arms. Peyton looked at me and said, “You can go now”.  As a parent, this made a huge impression on me. I can’t tell you how comforting it was, knowing that my daughter already felt included in her new school.”

Andrea Little, parent of a Middle and Upper School student.

“Walking into the school the first time left me with a sense of family.   One year later, there is still that feeling; in fact, more so now that you realize your children are important to them.” 

Andrea Duggan, parent of an Upper School student.

“Lowcountry Prep allows my daughter to be confident in her who she is without the social pressures of a larger school.  The teachers are energetic, engaging and truly care about the students.”

Stacey Smith, parent of an Upper School student.

“We couldn’t be happier with our son’s education. LPS provides a family environment where my child is known by everyone on campus by his first name, not a number or score on a standardized test. Teachers have the freedom to teach using different techniques and styles as every student learns in a different manner. The teacher-student ratio is manageable so students are not overlooked or overwhelmed at the sheer size of their class. We love LPS and highly recommend you come by for a tour. My family thinks you will be impressed!”

Valerie Hensley, parent of a Lower School student.

“The teachers at Lowcountry are in tune with their classes and know their students well.  They know if the students have mastered the topic and it’s time to move on or if they need to spend more time on a particular subject.  That kind of personal attention in education is rare.  I know that all of the teachers truly care about our daughters’ wellbeing and education.  When this small class environment is paired with the curriculum and stature of the IB Programme, the result is a unique educational experience.  Lowcountry is a special place.”

Jennifer Chapman, parent of an Middle and Upper School student.

“We are so happy with the education our children receive at Lowcountry Prep. We feel very confident that they are receiving the highest level of education with the exceptional quality of the best educators in the area. I love the small student/teacher ratio and feel that my children get the one-on-one time with their teachers to reach their educational goals and exceed beyond their expectations. As a parent of two lower school students, I am so excited for the educational experience this upcoming year holds with STEM as part of their curriculum. They could not be exposed to this type of opportunity anywhere else around here!”

Maureen Davis, parent of Lower School students.

“After attending Lowcountry for so many years, I know that I’ve gotten the best education possible. Between the small class sizes and teachers who genuinely care about their students, I couldn’t imagine growing up in a different environment. I know that I’m more than prepared both for college and life because of Lowcountry.”

Avery McMillen, 2016 graduate, Wofford College student

Lowcountry Preparatory School is an independent, Judeo-Christian, International Baccalaureate, college preparatory school serving grades K3-12.
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