Medical Information and Documentation

Important Medical Forms are located under Student Forms

2021-22 Immunization Requirements

2021-22 Immunization Info for Parents

You can view all of the Immunization requirements on SC DHEC’s website-all students must have required immunizations to attend school.

Exemptions: click here for information regarding exemptions

Should any student or adult lose consciousness or become unresponsive on campus or at an off campus event, our policy is to call 911 as quickly as possible, no matter what.  Any adult member of the school community should not hesitate to call 911 under these circumstances.  The Head of School or Division Head should be made aware that a call has been placed.


With the growing number of students who experience allergic reactions to various foods and materials, the School will notify parents on an annual basis of those items that will be restricted from campus.  If your student has a specific need, please notify the administrator in the appropriate division.

All Students with food allergies must have a Food Allergy Action Plan on file in the Main Office.

Bloodborne Pathogens

In order to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff, the School has adopted the use of universal precautions in dealing with body fluids such as blood, vomit, etc.

  • Encourage students to wash their hands after using the restroom and before eating.
  • Encourage students to use tissues when coughing and sniffling.
  • Gloves must be worn at all times when handling body fluids such as blood, vomit, urine, etc.
  • When removing gloves, carefully grasp at the top avoiding touching the skin and pull down over the hand turning the glove inside out and place in the trash.  Wash hands thoroughly after removing gloves every time.
  • When a child has been injured (cut, scraped, or fallen) and there is no visible sign of blood, the child may be cleaned up by the supervising teacher.  Encourage the child to wash their hands when the cleanup is complete.  Each faculty member will be issued a first aid kit and is required to take it to the playground.  First aid kits are also available in the main offices of each building, the athletic office, and the student commons.
  • If professional EMS assistance is required call 911 immediately.   In all cases, a sick or injured student should never be left alone nor moved if unconscious, dizzy, in obvious pain or seriously injured.  In these situations, another teacher or student should be sent to the office to request further assistance.  The Head of School or Division Head should be made aware when a 911 call has been placed.
  • If a student needs immediate but not critical care on the playground, in a classroom or elsewhere, surgical gloves will be used to handle the injured area and then a student may be sent to the respective division office in Bldg. # 100 or Bldg. # 400 for assistance.  Please notify the appropriate administrative assistant for the school division of any blood, vomit, or other body fluid spills on campus as soon as possible.  If for any reason an area needs immediate clean up or an additional child needs immediate help, use your gloves and dispose of the paper towels, gloves, etc. in a trash can lined with a plastic bag.
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