From its inception in 1995, Lowcountry Preparatory School has been supported by families, alumni, and the community, as is the case among independent schools across the nation.  We rely on this support in order to provide the level of educational opportunities to our students at the affordable tuition rates we have been able to maintain over the years.


Annual Fund promotional video: What makes LPS “the Ideal Learning Environment”?

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Each fall, Lowcountry Preparatory School kicks off its Annual Fund with GoodEATS, a celebratory dinner at which donors step up with their pledges for the year as an example to others. We strive for 100 percent participation in the Annual Fund among our families. While it is not the amount that is given that is important, it is the fact that each family participates that makes the difference. By showing that we have 100 percent participation, we are showing that we are a community united in a common purpose: to provide an exceptional education for our children at a reasonable cost. Of note, both our trustees and our faculty and staff members typically contribute at the 100 percent level.

The Annual Fund is a crucial component of Lowcountry Preparatory School’s operating budget. Each year, the Board of Trustees strives to balance a budget while keeping tuition rates well below the national average. The difference between our tuition rates and the actual cost of educating a child results in a gap in our budget. This is common among independent schools across the nation. The Annual Fund closes this gap and allows Lowcountry Preparatory School to offer high-quality education at a cost well below that of East Coast independent schools.

In addition, throughout the year, Lowcountry Preparatory School administrators apply for various monetary grants and awards. From awards to expand our science facilities to grants to improve our language programs, these awards are based upon lengthy applications which receive close scrutiny. These committees look to see what kind of commitment our school has from our families. A 100 percent participation in our Annual Fund shows these committees that our families are committed to our school.

Please consider a donation today to the Annual Fund of Lowcountry Preparatory School. All donations are tax deductible.

Lowcountry Preparatory School is an independent, Judeo-Christian, International Baccalaureate, college preparatory school serving grades K3-12.
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