Financial Aid

Lowcountry Preparatory school partners with School and Students Services By NAIS (SSS) in our financial aid process. To begin the financial aid application, please complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). Complete just one PFS, even if you have more than one child applying for aid. Completing the PFS online saves you time and money, and helps us make our financial aid decision more quickly.

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School name:  Lowcountry Preparatory School

School SSS code:  5069

Lowcountry Preparatory School does not discriminate against any person in admissions, financial aid, program involvement, employment, or otherwise because of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

Lowcountry Preparatory School is an independent, Judeo-Christian, International Baccalaureate, college preparatory school serving grades K3-12.
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