The Resource Center is offered to all Middle School and Upper School students at Lowcountry Preparatory School.  Its objective is to ensure student success through the provision of extra assistance beyond the classroom. 

Whether the student is the one who needs assistance with current classroom content or the one who has mastered that content and wants to achieve an even deeper understanding, the Resource Center provides the support and space such students need. Resource Center staff work with teachers and administrators to identify students who need assistance and develop a plan to ensure that the students receive the help they need. 

Specific courses are also taught by Resource Center teachers.  Our sixth graders begin Middle School with the Study Skills Course in which they explore organization, time management, study skills, and study methods.  They also learn various ways to study, capitalizing on technology, and “learn how they best learn.”  Students work on note-taking techniques including how to take notes from a book, from a board, and from a lecture.  This course provides study habits that serve them well throughout their educational journey at Lowcountry Preparatory School, through their undergraduate studies, and beyond.

Throughout Middle and Upper School, students may encounter challenging classes and topics that need reinforcement outside the classroom.  Sometimes students need to work through a topic again for a true grasp of the concepts, and the Resource Center allows them to do so.  Whether it is a specific concept in science or a particularly difficult chapter in math, the Resource Center assists students with mastering the coursework, overcoming the obstacles, and building intellectual confidence. 

Our Upper School students also use the Resource Center for standardized test preparation, including the SAT and the ACT.  Upper School students can take a Standardized Test Preparation elective or spend time individually in the Resource Center, working sample tests and receiving assistance in analyzing their answers. 

Overall, the Resource Center is a place where students can go for various types of assistance.  Small work areas are available for individual tutoring or small group projects.  Staff members are available, as needed, to assist students, provide a sounding board for ideas, or merely offer the students a quiet place to think during a busy day. 

Lowcountry Preparatory School is an independent, Judeo-Christian, International Baccalaureate, college preparatory school serving grades K3-12.
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