LCP BuildingLowcountry Preparatory School, located in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, offers a coeducational program for grades K-3 through twelfth grade.  Our small classroom environment allows students to thrive and focus on learning and developing their talents. This environment ensures that all students receive the attention they need and deserve. Our intellectually stimulating community provides a demanding curriculum—academic, artistic, athletic, and service—in a caring environment. Faculty and staff are committed to supporting our students and ensuring their success.  Our school focuses on preparing students for college, for leadership, and for life. Based on our Judeo-Christian heritage, we challenge our students to become informed, bold, resourceful, resilient, and ethical global citizens. We expect our graduates to shape a changing world.

The vision of Lowcountry Preparatory School is to be the school of choice among prospective and current students by providing an ideal learning environment and a world class program—academic, athletic, and spiritual—that features financial sustainability, high morale among both students and members of the faculty and staff, and continuous improvement.

The purpose of Lowcountry Preparatory School is to prepare students in mind, body, and spirit for success in college and in life.



The mission of Lowcountry Preparatory School is to prepare students for college, for leadership, and for life through a demanding academic, artistic, and athletic program. Based upon Judeo-Christian heritage and service to others, we encourage our students to become informed, bold, resourceful, resilient, and ethical global citizens capable of shaping a changing world.



Lowcountry Preparatory School is a school where learning and character are nourished; where teachers and students are valued as individuals within the greater community; where philosophical, intellectual, athletic, and physical differences are respected and talents are nurtured; where success and honest effort are recognized and failures become instructive; where judgments are tempered with compassion and achievements with humility; where privilege accepts responsibility; where education is not an end in itself, but a means to the individual’s fulfillment as a contributing member of a greater world community; and where students assume appropriate responsibility for their schooling.

Lowcountry Preparatory School is an independent, Judeo-Christian, International Baccalaureate, college preparatory school serving grades K3-12.
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